Thursday, 1 December 2011

Feeding the Hordes this Christmas

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Morrison's Tester to host a Christmas Party!  Receiving a box of goodies, vouchers and a shopping list (adapted as the majority of us are vegetarian), we set about preparing a little soiree for my parents to attend, in order to test a selection of buffet food, cakes, wine, decorations, crackers, party poppers and gifts.

Morrisons have a huge range of Christmas goodies instore and available to pre-order.  My parents were impressed by the Mini Fish and Chips which are little potato slices, topped with minty, mushy peas and finished with a piece of battered fish.  They were good quality and quite impressive to look at!  But at a pack of 8 for £4 or two packs for £7, they aren't cheap as chips!  The cheesy bites, fingers and mini pizzas were good for us vegetarians and the kids really liked them. They made a nice change to the stock veggie buffet offering of Indian snacks.  Morrisons have quite a few veggie bits this year which is nice! We sampled The Best Chocolate Cluster Cake which was a rich fruit cake topped with chocolate pieces and chocolate covered dried fruit and nuts.  It was a great alternative to the usual marzipan and icing topped seasonal cake and everyone who ate it said it was moist, packed with fruit and delicious.  It costs £8 but it went a long way as it was so rich.

Morrisons also have cards, gift wrap, decorations, crackers, party poppers and tableware for all your festive needs.  They also stock a great range of toiletry gifts for him, her and the kids which are a bargain at 3 for a tenner.  Definitely worth popping a few under the tree for any unexpected guests!

We enjoyed having an early taste test of the Morrisons festive party foods.  Definitely a few items in the range that will be purchased for our Christmas and New Year parties this year.  Take a look in store or check out the website for more details of their festive food.


  1. You can't beat a good Christmas buffet!

  2. oh a lovely spread you've put on there Wendy!

  3. I think Morrisons did us proud - the food was most enjoyable - what a clever idea to have the fish, chips and mushy peas in a bite size and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I ate. The icing on the cake for me (because I have a sweet tooth) was the Best Chocolate Cluster Cake with the gorgeous topping - it was very moist and the topping was out of this world.

  4. This has given me some inspiration for my Christmas shopping now. I might even sneak in a cheeky glass of wine after over one and a half years without alcohol due to breastfeeding and pregnancy


  5. I was in morrisons the other day for milk and it completely changed my mind about where I am doing my christmas food shopping (I do wish they did online shopping though)



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