Friday, 8 July 2011

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) To My Baby Boy

I knew I was having a boy.  For the first time in five pregnancies I'd found out the sex of my baby.  So I knew I was going to be having Freddy. I felt like I was privy to an amazing secret.  Every wriggle and kick I felt was 'my son'. 

When my waters broke on the 9th July  in the early hours of the morning two years ago, it heralded the imminent arrival of the little boy I'd been waiting to meet, to hold, to know.
It took some hours for my contractions to start despite my best efforts involving a birthing ball.  I had just about given up on the idea of going into full blown labour by natural means when at 4pm I fell into an exhausted sleep to be awoken by a massive contraction an hour later.  I went from nothing to continual waves of pain in a moment.  Less than an hour later Freddy entered the world.  I had no pain relief at all, I just focused on what my body was doing bringing me closer to meeting my boy.

My baby boy, my Freddy was born.  The child that completed my family.  

My new born son.

I've watched my baby boy grow.  I've seen him go from a newborn infant to an active baby to a walking, talking toddler.  He learns something new everyday, he astounds me, amazes me and delights me.
He has given us all so much.  Fun, love, laughter.  We cherish him.

His 1st Birthday.
Everyday is an adventure for my toddler.  There is a whole world for him to explore, so much to see and do.  And I'll be right there beside him giving him all the love and support in the world.
2 years old
Happy Birthday to my baby boy.
My Freddy x

*This is also my Flashback Friday up at Cafe Bebe*


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