Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mum's Choice Winners

I had a lovely time at the Christmas in July event, playing with toys  helping choose this year's favourite Christmas toys as chosen by Mummy Bloggers.  I wrote about my highlights of the day here! the results are in!
The UKMums.TV Mum's Choice Top Ten has been announced and here they are:

1. Hexbug  (Innovation First)
2. Zhu Zhu Puppies (Character Options)
3. Dino Bite Game (Drumond Park)
4. Pump & Play Inflatables(Boys/Girls)  (Bladez)
5. Vtech Kidizoom
6. EzyRoller Union Jack (Girls/boys) (Microscooters)
7. Disney Princess Kitchen  (Jakks Pacific)
8. Trunkisaurus  (Magmatic)
9. Fuzzoodles  (Flair)
10. Peppa Pig World of Playsets  (Character Options)

A few of my favourites made the top ten.  We loved the Hexbugs, the Trunkisaurus and the Pump and Play inflatables.  

Trunkisaurus hitches a ride!
The top five toys in each category has also been announced.  

Top Five Boys:
1. EzyRoller Union Jack, Microscooters
2. Dagedar, Character
3. Pump & Play, Bladez
4. Paperjamz Pro Guitar, Wowee
5. BIG hand, Jakks
Top Five Girls:
1.  Zhu Zhu Puppies, Character
2. Pump & Play Inflatables, Bladez
3. Disney Princess Kitchen, Jakks
4. A Girl For All Time, Daughters of History
5. Milky the Rabbit, Flair
Top Five Pre-School:
1.  Peppa Pig World of Playsets, Character
2. Trunkisaurus, Magamatic
3. Driver Dan’s Story Train, Golden Bear
4. Mega Bloks Diesel Small Bucket
5. Bob the Builder Construction Tower, Character
Top Five Gadgets:
1. Hexbug Original, Innovation First
2. Vtech Kidizoom
3. Spynet Video Watch, Jakks
4. Vtech Laptop 5. Expert Indoor Helicopter, Bladez

Top Five Creative:
1. Fuzzoodles, Flair
2. Aquabeads, Flair
3. Real Construction Deluxe, Jakks
4. Gelarti, Flair
5. Ben & Holly’s Magic Kingdom Draw, Golden Bear

Hopefully these results will help when it comes to doing the Christmas shopping this year!

Hexbug Spider is a must-have!
Read the full article here!


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