Friday, 29 July 2011

Make Your Own Lip Gloss with Galt

As a Tiny Toyologist, Kizzy loves testing out toys...however her favourite sort of review is anything that involves make-up!  So she was delighted to receive Galt's Make Your Own Lip Gloss from Toys R Us.

The kit contains everything needed to make three lip glosses which come in cute bottles each with an applicator. The set included easy to follow instructions for making the lip gloss.

With red and blue colourings (to make red, blue and purple glosses), pearlescent powder and a fruity flavouring, the end product was always going to be very appealing to any mini make-up fans.

Kizzy worked independently, following the step by step guide.  Everything was easy to do and she had great fun getting creative.

The finished result was three little bottles of lip gloss which fitted in a cute, drawstring, cloth bag.  Kizzy was very proud of her achievement!  The gloss itself was subtle, adding a shimmer to Kizzy's lips.  The only downside is that the taste of the lip gloss is quite unpleasant, but that didn't seem to worry Kizzy in her pursuit for luscious lips!

This is definitely a fabulous toy for keeping your girls occupied on a rainy day in the summer holidays.  Kizzy gives it a double thumbs up and says "it is fun and easy to make and the result is beautiful and perfect for makeovers!"

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