Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wow! When Dexter Came to Play!

Freddy is a lucky boy!  The lovely people at WOW Toys sent him a new toy that has taken the house by storm.  He is now the proud owner of Dexter the Digger.  The friendly faced, construction vehicle is a rough, tough and strong heavy duty digger.With a mechanical arm and bull dozer scoop he is ready to take on any job.  With his driver Bill on hand, Dexter is ready for action.

Unlike many other toys on the market, Dexter requires no batteries.  What a bonus!  With a friction powered motor and realistic engine sounds the play value is impressive.  Mechanical levers move the arm and allow the boulders (which are included) to be scooped up and moved.  A secret WOW button reveals a hidden engine compartment.  There is lots to explore with Dexter!

I really like how chunky and robust it is.  Toys take a battering Inside the Wendy House, as Freddy tests them to the max.  Dexter is still going strong.  The friction powered motor works well and makes Freddy giggle as it propels Dexter along the laminate making the engine sound.

Dexter is a good size vehicle, but still perfect for little hands.  The secret engine compartment button, using the lever and putting the driver in his seat are all easy for him to do.  His hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills are being developed without him getting frustrated!

WOW toys are perfect for exploring the exciting development of role play.  Seeing Freddy walking Bill the driver around the digger and popping him into the secret engine compartment and saying "Night, night" as he put him to bed was so very sweet.  Watching him learn through play is so precious.  WOW toys are perfect for toddlers aged 18 months and over.  The friendly characters are very appealing.

Dexter the Digger is available to purchase from Amazon for just £20.99.  It's an impressive toy for a great price.  It really does have the WOW factor!


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