Monday, 4 July 2011

Listography...Thing I Want To Do This Summer

This week it's a case of Listography with Keith Takes 5 (a.k.a. Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad ) whilst Kate sets up the new Parent Bloggers Network with Netmums.  (If you haven't signed up it now!)

So Keith has us looking ahead to the Summer and what we want to do.

1:  I have so many things going on, I'm hoping I'll have time to get everything my first thing I want to do is get organised enough to arrange all the trips, visits, events and hotel stays that we have planned!  From my Four Seasons Hotel win from Cybermummy to guest editing Real People Magazine in London to using my Drayton Manor Park Tickets I won from Tots 100...I have so many blogging related things on the calendar.  I'll say it again...blogging has totally changed my life, increased my confidence and given me a purpose in addition to being a mum and wife.

2: I want to take Freddy to the seaside.  We're not going away on holiday this year...but I want to let him experience the beach: paddling, rock pools, sandcastles and ice creams!

My girls in 2005 x

3:  Walk...I want to go on lots of walks with the kids.  We've got lots of lovely countryside to explore and I intend to do it!  We bought a book of family friendly walks last year and it is still unused!  I aim to remedy that!

4: I want to do lots of cooking. Nice, healthy meals. With the kids to entertain Freddy I can spend more time doing the domestic thing.  I'm not great at getting up the enthusiasm for creating culinary masterpieces, but once I get into the mood I really enjoy cooking.  So I definitely want to discover lots of new recipes for veggie cuisine over the holidays!

5:  I want to avoid sunburn, wasp stings and heat stroke.  I want to eat healthily, get fitter and have an absolute blast with my family!!


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