Saturday, 16 July 2011

Listography...5 Bands I'd Like to See

 As Kate rocks out at Benicassim, she is leaving us to think of five bands we would love to have seen perform live.  I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of fabulous gigs...The Smiths, Placebo, Marillion, Bauhaus, Kasabian, The Prodigy...but there are glaring gaps in my concert history.  So without further ado, here is my choice of artists who would totally rock my socks!!

1:  Prince:  During the Purple Rain era I was going out with a guy who had bought us tickets to see the man himself.  Unfortunately he kept hold of the aforementioned tickets and just prior to the concert we split up. Consequently I was no longer his concert plus one.  I still have feelings of bitterness about the break up...not so much about losing the boy, but losing my chance to see the Purple One at his peak strutting his stuff to "When Doves Cry"!

2:  Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell is my favourite album of all time.  I would have loved to see it performed live.  The over weight, sweaty super star would be a definite top choice back in the day!

3:  Live Aid 1985:  Being of a certain age I remember watching the original Live Aid concert round my now husband's childhood home (I was wearing a PVC mini skirt...but that is not really relevant to this story!)  Anyhow, it was such a ground breaking concert that captured the imagination of a whole generation.  So many iconic artists performed, Bowie, Queen, U2 and Bob Geldoff (who I had a massive Boomtown Rats related crush on!)  Totally marvellous!  I wish I'd been there in person to see it.

4:  Madonna:  Back before the pointy boobs, the SEX book and the mutton dressed as lamb leotards, I was a huge (secret) Madonna fan.  I saw Desperately Seeking Susan at the cinema and coveted her Italians Do It Better T-Shirt.  Although I was a bit of a punk on the outside, I loved Get Into the Groove and Material Girl. I would have loved to see Madge back in her virginal hey day....but I would never had admitted to it!


5:  Beethoven:  As this is my blog I reserve the right to say I would like to be transported back in time to witness the first public performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in Vienna in 1808.  I mean, can you imagine it?  How utterly awesome would it have been to be a party to the first airing of this best known classical piece!  Over two centuries later it is still a hugely powerful and influential piece of music...they use it in Freddy's favourite episode of Little Einsteins and he sings along to the "Du-du-du-dum" while jumping around the room.  If I could go back in time I'd like to tell Ludwig that my 2 year old is a big fan!

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