Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Don't Laugh

We like playing games Inside the Wendy House.  However with the age gap that we have between the youngest and the oldest child, it can be tricky to find games that offer a level playing field.  Games based on skills or general knowledge be a bit unfair!

However, one thing that is universal is laughter...or the ability to keep a straight face when people are trying their best to make you crack up in a fit of giggles.  This is the premise of the family board game from Drummond Park "Don't Laugh"!
The game comes with 200 joke cards which include some real gems. (What do you call a girl with a frog on her head? Lily!)  But the real weapon of mass hysteria is the microphone which changes your voice and also includes some pretty funny sound effects.

The idea of the game is to make your opponents laugh with a gag and a farting sound or two!  If you can crack their straight faces before the timer runs out you get to move your playing piece around the board!

Ready to play Don't Laugh!
Jokes and sound effects.
Try to keep a straight face.
The face cracks....hehe!
The game play is simple and I wonder how many times you could play it before the novelty wears off.  The jokes are typical 'cracker' jokes which probably will wear thin quite quickly. However the sound effects were pretty a fan of toilet humour I couldn't listen to it without sniggering!  2 year old Freddy was also pretty impressed by the funny noises!

It is a very unique game which my girls enjoyed playing together.  The laughter was non-stop.  None of them were very good at keeping a straight face at all!

Don't Laugh is suitable for ages 8 and over. (Although the voice modifier, farting and giggling noises appeal to all ages!)  It is priced at £19.99 and requires 3 AAA batteries.  Available from Toys R Us instore and online.

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