Friday, 15 July 2011

Ella's Kitchen First Tastes

Ella's Kitchen have brought out a new range of Stage 1 'First Tastes' baby food containing just one fruit.   They are perfect for tiny taste buds starting out on their  exciting adventure into food.  They can be mixed with cereal or yogurt to satisfy larger appetites, or make a lovely, fruity snack for toddlers.  Available in bananas, mangoes, apples and pears, they offer a delicious range of simple flavours.

As you'd expect from Ella's Kitchen they are 100% organic and contain no artificial additives.  Just pure, yummy fruit!  The pouches are perfect for popping into your bag.

Don't forget the Terracycle Campaign for recycling the pouches to make fabulous new products and to earn cash for good causes.

Check out Ella's Become a Friend page for fab freebies and access to Ella's Explorers' page with information on fun ways to explore food with your baby.

If you haven't discovered Ella's Kitchen's yet, what are you waiting for?!  My family love Ella's Kitchen, even though Freddy is now 2 years old he still enjoys a pouch as a fruity snack contributing to his five a day.  We were sent two of the First Taste pouches and I can confirm they are gorgeous!    I have a secret love of the fruity purees...a sweet, juicy treat that doesn't ruin my diet efforts!!  Don't knock it till you've tried it!!


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