Friday, 1 July 2011

Harumika for Budding Fashonistas

Kizzy was delighted to be sent a Harumika Designer Dress Form Set from Toys R Us.  She is the sort of girl who loves fashion and sketches dress designs on pieces of paper.  Harumika takes that desire to design one step further.

Specially designed mannequins allow budding fashionistas to create outfits using material without any need for scissors, needles or thread.  The cloth tucks into a special silicone slot in the back using the special stylus tool.  

Vivienne Westwood Beware!!
Here is a video of Kizzy demonstrating skills that will one day see her headlining London Fashion Week with her latest line!

Harumika is a lot of fun, however I think that it is restricted by the limited amount of materials in a set.  Accessory kits, starter packs and specific outfit kits are available to buy, however I'm sure that it would be easy enough to make your own fabric squares in different patterns to use.  The other limitation is that once the dress is made there is no way of removing it or keeping it.   It has to be taken apart and returns to being fabric squares.  Harumika does have a website  where photos of outfits can be uploaded and shared with other Harumika fans.  It also has style tips, news and information about Harumika products.

Harumika is recommended for ages 6 and up.  The Designer Form Set sells for £16.99 at Toys R Us and includes 2 mannequins, the stylus and enough material and accessories to get started.

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