Friday, 15 July 2011

Don't Judge Our Teens!

My Ella has just finished her first week of work experience at the local solicitor's office.  She is doing an amazing job.  I am so proud to see her walk into the reception every morning with such confidence and poise.  The staff that have worked with her have written such positive things about my "lovely, willing, friendly and enthusiastic girl".

In a society where teenagers are vilified, treated with suspicion and considered to be wannabe criminals with ASBO's, it's nice to be reminded that that stereotype is nothing more than a media hyped image, pertinent to only a minority of young people.  Most teenagers are hard working, ambitious and thoughtful.  They are the future of this country and fully deserve our respect and support.

I love parenting teens.  It is such an exciting adventure. There are challenges but if you keep the channels of communication open, it is an amazing time where you see glimpses of the adults they are fast becoming.  I love watching my older children's friendships, talents and personalities develop.  As they become more independent it is so rewarding.  Seeing them find their own way in life evokes such feelings of pride.

This post is dedicated to my teenage daughter. 

My beautiful, smiling baby who was never a day's trouble.  She was so easy and such a delight despite suffering ill health and worrying us so, so much!  She kept smiling throughout everything. 

My funny toddler was a ray of sunshine. 

My big school girl was finding her feet and proving to be a real little star!

My beautiful daughter!  My Ella x

Don't judge teenagers.  


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