Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Gallery...Travel

I'm not much of a traveller.  Whereas other people get excited by the prospect of far flung shores, I am far more of a home girl.  My lust for adventure has declined rapidly over the years.  My dislike of travelling exacerbated by travel sickness that kicks in the moment I step into the claustrophobic confines of a ship, train or plane. It's never a good start to a journey!

So for me this week, the theme of travel is not an easy one to capture.  For me, the best part of travelling is returning home, safe and sound to find the house and all its contents exactly how I left it.  The relief of driving into familiar territory is palpable.  However much fun the adventure has been, the "getting there" aspect tarnishes a proportion of the enjoyment.

So my entry to this week's Gallery is a familiar part of my hometown, signifying that home is just 5 minutes away.  It may not be exotic or exciting but to me, there's no place like home!


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