Monday, 18 July 2011

Handz On Creativity from Keter

I've already reviewed the Artisto Double Sided Easel art desk which was a real hit with my Tiny Testers.  We have also been asked to test out the Keter Handz On creativity desk for Toys R Us.

This single seat desk is designed to assist independent artistic play and allows children to use their imagination and develop art skills.  The self assembly desk slotted together easily and came with a rolling pin, plastic knife and shaped cutters/stamps as well as a pot for holding pens and crayons.  No art equipment is included, so make sure you have a good supply to make the most of this desk.  (Our box included a slightly misleading picture of an arts kit which I assumed was inside, but the Handz On is being sold in the UK as an option without any accessories...but I'm sure this will be made clear on the box by the vendors when stocked by Toys R Us to avoid disappointment!)

When built, the desk is sturdy and a good size with a built in seat and foot rest and an angled desk top.  Unlike the Artisto, this desk is designed for just one child.

The multi-function desk stimulates creativity allowing painting, drawing, finger painting and clay modelling etc all in one place.  With plenty of areas for holding equipment and a good sized work surface, it is a good space for dedicated creative play.  It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As I only had crayons for Freddy to use with it, we had to send daddy out to buy some art products to use with it.  While he waited, Freddy got creative and decorated the desk and the seat! Thankfully the crayon scribbles cleaned off easily with a squirt of WD40 and a cloth.

Guilty face!
The desk has compartments for paint pots, pens and the modelling clay tools.  It also has two hand shaped cavitiess.  The two side panels are removable for easy cleaning, but I didn't like the way they fitted on.  Leaning on one end made the other end pop out. The hands are meant to be for mixing paint, however, Freddy found them very useful for storing his crayons and other bits and bobs as they were more accessible and closer to him than the pot was.

The kids enjoyed using the table to roll their modelling clay and do some drawing.  The rolling pin and cutters were a nice addition.  It is nice to have a dedicated table for messy play, especially being able to use it outside over the summer.  No mess indoors!!

Freddy was very comfortable sat at his desk drawing with felt tips.  It held his attention well, working at the Handz On desk.  We now have reams of paper featuring Fred's first works of art!

The desk, once assembled, is quite large and doesn't fold for storage, so you'd need a good sized playroom or a space for it to be kept when not in use. 

Waiting for Plasticine to test out the cutters and roller.
The Keter Handz On Creativity Desk will be available in Toys R Us stores soon!

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