Thursday, 7 July 2011

Snazaroo Face Paint Sticks

Snazaroo is the "world's favourite face and body paint". Their new Face Painting Sticks are really child friendly, ready to use, easy to remove and completely non-toxic.  The unisex colour set that we were sent to review includes bright primary coloured, green, black and white sticks.

The wrappers are easy to peel away, revealing the face paint stick. They are ready to use without the need for water, so they are a less messy option for young children. The sticks are quite soft and not at all scratchy making them perfect for children's skin. They are quite thick and feel strong, so hopefully won't snap under normal usage.

Kizzy released her inner artist as she set about face painting her sister.  She drew a butterfly on her cheek.  I was quite impressed with how well the stick worked.  Some face paints don't transfer well onto the skin, but these did.  The colours were strong.  Obviously though, you don't get the same precision as you would with a fine paint brush and face paint palette.  But these are really for children to use on themselves or on each other,  just for fun!   Children can use their skin as a canvas for their designs and get creative.

Kizzy really enjoyed doing some artwork on her feet.  She drew faces, butterflies, sunshines and flowers.  It made a nice change for her to doodle on herself instead of on paper!  It really kept her amused, far more than I would have predicted.

When it came to cleaning it off, a wipe with a baby wipe did the trick.  It can also be washed off with soap and water.  They didn't aggravate the skin at all.

My only criticism is that because they come in a blister pack, once they are opened you don't have a container to keep them in.  A box or plastic pack would keep them together and prevent them getting damaged or dirty.

But overall we thought the Face Paint Sticks were a great product, perfect for a rainy day activity or an arts session.  Children love face painting and this is a non-messy, easy way for them to enjoy it.

The Snazaroo Face Paint Sticks cost £4.99.  Look out for them and other Snazaroo face paint products instore at Toys R Us.

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