Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Globee Full of Memories

When I attended the Christmas in July event earlier this month, I discovered a whole host of new and exciting toys and games.  One such discovery was the Globee.  They are customized, educational and fun city globes highlighting famous landmarks of the world's best loved cities.  Available as globes from 4-9" diameter or as a 6" diameter money box, and with plans for further exciting products, the range is impressive.

Each Globee is beautifully crafted giving an artistic view of favourite places, bringing back memories from your travels.  The muted colour scheme and artwork makes every Globee a lovely souvenir which is both enchanting and engaging.  Both children and adults will love a Globee of a favourite city.  There is something very appealing about spinning a globe.  Globee's city maps in globe form are very innovative.  As either an executive toy or an educational aid, a Globee will bring the magic of your favourite city to life.

The Paris Globee and booklet.
We were sent a 6" Globee of Paris to review which retails for £14.95.  It comes with a fun booklet packed with interesting facts about the city sites depicted on the globe.  The brushed silver stand made the Globee look like a real quality product.

Is this a football??
With attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysses and the River Seine depicted on the Globee, the older children enjoyed spotting places they had visited on a previous visit to the city.  My younger children spotted places they would like to visit including Notre Dame known for its famous Hunchback!  The booklet was very informative, but still fun.  Kizzy really liked the Globee and the concept of a city map on a spinning globe really captured her imagination.

Find out more or purchase your own Globee at

A City in My Hands!


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