Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What hides beneath!

I now wear size 12 jeans.  I'm doing OK with my eating and my relationship with food is healthier than it's ever been.  I felt confident during my trip to London guest editing on Real People.  I was professionally photographed and didn't feel at all self-conscious.  I enjoyed my meals out but didn't overdo it and get greedy.

However, I had to share this photo that my daughters took of me.  It keeps it all real!  I can't get complacent because this is what lurks up my jumper!  My squidgy belly is a source of amusement to my it has been turned into a face with a belly button frown!

So while I take real joy at being consistently a size 12, I will never forget the wobbly gut that is lying in wait to expand again to fill the size 16-18 clothing that I was wearing at the beginning of this year.

This is my Mumentum post for this week...thanks to Liska for continuing to host it :)


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