Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Making Music with Little Ones!

We love music Inside the Wendy House.  Freddy can't listen to a Disney Channel theme tune without leaping up and rocking out.  With their natural interest in music, toddlers are never too young to introduce to musical instruments.  Wooden Toy Shop sells the gorgeous Tidlo Musical Instrument Set by John Crane Toys.  It is a 14 piece percussion set that includes a tambourine, maracas, triangle, paddles, bells, sticks, scraper and castanets.  They are all beautifully made and each piece came individually wrapped in protective material and packaged into a good quality, strong box that can be used to store the instruments in when not in use.  It has a cloth handle for carrying around, for music on the go!

This percussion instrument set introduces children to sound, rhythm and music.  It encourages children to play together and is the perfect starter set for some creative, musical playtimes! It is recommended for ages 3 and up, but with supervision a younger child can enjoy learning about music too.  Each piece feels like such good quality and plays really nicely.  I loved the feel of the is so much nicer than the cheap plastic instruments you can buy.

Freddy and big sister Kizzy really enjoyed playing music together.  Here is a video of them in action which shows you what fun making music can be for children!

The Musical Instrument Set costs £28.79 from Wooden Toy Shop.  This is great value for money and who knows, you could be investing in a future musician!!


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