Monday, 25 July 2011

Fit...Keep Your Food Safe

We are all too aware of the dangers of food poisoning and ingesting pesticides.  However, many of us eat fruit and vegetables that are not properly cleaned.  Research shows that an apple can have been exposed to as many as 12 types of pesticide and handled by at least 10 different people.  A rinse under the tap or a wipe on your T-Shirt will not get rid of the toxic residue or any potentially harmful bacteria such as e-coli or salmonella.

We all know that outbreaks of food poisoning can be fatal but what can be done to protect our families?  Water alone is not sufficient.

Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash provides a solution to this problem.  Made of natural ingredients, it removes pesticides and bacteria leaving no smell or after taste.

Available in both a spray or a wash, Fit cleans away 98% of pesticides, waxes and bacteria.  It can extend the shelf life of organic produce by removing bacteria that causes deterioration. It is completely natural and certified vegan.  Simply spray it onto your produce, rub and rinse or soak and rinse.

I was sent a bottle of each variety of Fit to try out.  I used it on some cabbage.  I soaked it with a solution of Fit and after swishing it around, rinsed it with water.  The cabbage felt really clean.  I tasted some straight afterwards and there was no taste.  Nor did it smell any different.  I also washed salad leaves with it, again they were not tainted in any way.

Apples can be cleaned using the spray.  I rubbed the spray over and rinsed it under the tap and felt confident that it was safe for my children to eat.  It is no more time consuming to use the Fit wash than to rinse with water, so you are getting safer food without any extra effort.

Kitchen hygiene is so important, it is great to have an all-natural product that can help keep my family safe!

As TV hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley (Watchdog, Secret Tourist) says:
 “Washing your salads with Fit helps to remove dangerous pesticides and bacteria that water alone cannot."


350ml Fit spray: £4.99
950ml Fit wash soak (can be used as sprayer refill): £5.99

You can buy Fit direct from


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