Monday, 9 May 2011

Morrck Splasha

Morrck products are designed to minimise fuss so we can concentrate on the fun things!  As a mum to a playful toddler this is definitely a philosophy I agree with!

I was sent a Morrck Splasha in Blue Stripe to test out with Freddy.  It is a supersoft towelling hooded wrap, perfect for the beach, the pool or for bath time.

My first impression of the Splasha was how soft it was. It was very velvety to touch.  I loved the oversize treasure pocket on the front which would be perfect for beach combing or for carrying your favourite rubber duck!  The Splasha is shaped like a bathrobe with poppers on one shoulder and down the side to completely close it up.  It is a good size with a spacious hood.

Unfortunately I can't test it on the beach...but I was able to use it after Freddy's bath!

It slipped on easily with its oversized sleeves, and the side poppers did up quickly and easily.  It made a roomy, spacious robe that Freddy looked very comfortable wearing.  He was so snuggly in it.  The sleeves gave him freedom of movement and the generous size kept him covered up to below his knees.  You can see how chilled and relaxed he was post bath in this little video!

The Morcck Splasha retails at £19.99 in sizes XS (1-3), S (3-5) and M (5-7).  They are available in Blue Stripe or Pink Spot.  They are 90% cotton and 10% polyester.  The Splasha washes up well and dries quickly so it is a perfect suitcase essential for holidaying with a little one.

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