Monday, 9 May 2011

Inflate Your Imagination With Airhedz

Become a popstar, a fireman , an alien, a pirate, a robot, a nurse, a cowboy or a princess with Air Hedz the new inflatable dress-up kits from Bluw Toys. (The people who brought you the brilliant Egg Bods that I reviewed for Easter.) They are perfect for birthday parties or for everyday play time bringing dreams to life and inflating the imagination.

Each kit comes with a giant piece of headgear and an accessory.  They can be worn over normal clothes or incorporated into a fancy dress outfit.  Simply blow them up and get ready for some super sized fun!

We were sent a Popstar and a Fireman Air Hedz so we could try out the crazy new way to play!

The AirHedz blew up easily and were an instant hit with the kids!  The fireman's hat came with an axe, and the popstar's multi-coloured beehive came with a microphone.  Freddy fell in love with the microphone and kept singing into it!

The Air Hedz are without doubt a lot of fun.  We've put them in the playroom and Freddy is enjoying being able to pop the headware off and on at his leisure (even though it often covers his face!...that seems to add to the fun for him though!!)

I am impressed with the quality of the Air Hedz.  They are original, fun and really get the children's imagination working in overdrive!  You could easily work them into a fancy dress costume for a larger than life look!  You'd certainly stand out from the crowd at any party.

Even dad got in on the Air Hedz fun!

They are suitable for ages 3 and up and cost £7.99 a pack.  Buy them at Toy R Us, Hamleys and Birthdays.  For more information see


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