Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Love Custard? You'll Love Ambrosia Snacks!

Ambrosia, the makers of the finest custard (in my humble opinion) have launched a new range of children's snacks.  These pocket sized packets of treats are perfect for days out or lunch boxes. Individual bags of custard covered fruit pieces are available in apple and banana varieties. We were sent two boxes to try out.

The coated, chewy fruit pieces come in portion sized bags.  Each box contains 5 packs.  The packaging is really fun and a perfect size for little hands.

My Tiny Testers Kizzy and Freddy tried them out.  Freddy really loved them and when I sampled them I realised why!  The banana flavour transformed me back to my childhood when I used to eat foam banana sweets.  The taste was intensely banana-y!!  They were chewy and so moreish.  They are completely vegetarian and a healthier alternative to sweets.  For a treat, they are a good option.

 Kizzy liked the apple flavour best as she is not a big fan of banana flavoured things.  She enjoyed them very much.  She takes dried fruit to school in her lunch box and these would make a nice change.  The apple and custard flavours transported my taste buds to memories of apple pie and custard at my mum's house.

The Ambrosia Custard Coated Fruit Flakes are very interesting and unlike anything we had tried before. They are intensely flavoured and are more of a fruity chew than a flake (which they are called on the packets). They are definitely a better alternative to sweets which are just empty calories, and will make a nice treat for my children to enjoy!

They are available in Tesco and Morrison's stores nationwide priced at £1.89 for a box of 5 x 20g packs.


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