Monday, 30 May 2011

Top That! for Bedtime Stories

Top That! Publishing is an award winning independent book publisher specialising in books for tots through to adults. Their pre-school range is designed to promote child development, enrich relationships and foster creativity and imagination.

I am extremely proud to have been selected as a Yummy Mummy book reviewer for Top That! Publishing.  I am delighted to be able to review a selection of their books Inside the Wendy House.  The first two books we have been sent are the very beautiful "When I Dream of ABC" and "Pandamonium".

"When I Dream of ABC" is a beautiful, soothing bedtime book set in an amazing dreamworld.  Wonderful fantasy characters are introduced for each letter of the alphabet. From opera singing mermaids to fairies that grant wishes if you tickle their nose!  The illustrations are sumptuous and detailed.  The wording is humorous...I was laughing at the deadpan wit while the children were enchanted by the tales of the friendly creatures.  It is a wonderful twist on learning the alphabet, and a lovely story to share at bed time.  

F is for Fairy...

The large sized 64 page paperback book is written and illustrated by Henry Fisher.  It has been shortlisted as a finalist for The People's Book Prize and I can completely understand why.  It is lovely and Freddy enjoyed looking at the gorgeous illustrations and listening to the funny text.  It's a lovely and very unique way to learn the ABC's!! (RRP: £6.99)

Big Sister Ella shares a bedtime story with Freddy xxx
"Pandamonium" is a hilarious story written in rhyming text about the pandamonium that occurs when the octopus lets the animals out of their cages one night at the zoo.  The zookeeper snoozes through their antics as the animals party lead by the dance-loving pandas.

The illustrations are fantastic showing the animals' antics beautifully.  Everything goes well until the skunk lets off a terrible stink which sees the animals running for cover.  The smell is so bad even the zoo keeper's nose starts twitching!  The sing-song rhythm of the rhyming text is fun and Freddy loves to listen to the words over and over again.  The added element of toilet humour evoked giggles galore! 

A Change in the Mood, Pandamonium ensued!

Written by Dan Crisp and illustrated by Mark Chambers, this delightfully funny picture book is 32 pages long.  Children will love the animal characters who are so expertly brought to life within the full colour pages.  It is a rousing read...probably not best at bedtime...far too funny!! (RRP: £5.99)

Ready for Pandamonium.

Both books are perfect for pre-schoolers.  I loved the fact that the humour in both titles was so refreshing making the books a delight to read to my son.  Ella 15 and Kizzy 8, both enjoyed sharing the stories with their little brother.  Both are a real hit!


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