Friday, 20 May 2011

Revamping My Living Space With Harveys

It's a couple of weeks since we took delivery of our Harvey's Clarissa Sofa which I wrote about here!  Finding out that I was going to be trialling Harvey's furniture as a reviewer, meant I had to think about how the sofa was going to fit into our home.  Our dining room had become a bit under used recently.  We had a huge six seater table and chairs that was a bit too big for the room.  We were thinking of turning the room into a snug and finding out that we were getting a Harvey's Sofa was just the push we needed.

We have created a room to relax in, for me to work in and for the kids to use when they have friends over.  I love having the extra room to use away from the TV where Kizzy is usually watching re-runs of Hannah Montana!  Teenager Ella has had a lot of use out of this room already. She uses it as a music room where she plays her guitar.

The sofa still looks as good as the day it arrived. It is exquisitely comfy with oversized soft seating which is great to snuggle into. Plumping up the cushions keeps it all in good shape and rolling a lint roller over it keeps the pile looking neat and stops any loose fluff that can occur on new furniture.

Freddy enjoys chilling out on it.  It is much comfier and cosier than our living room sofa.  Sometimes, having a change around gives a whole new lease of life to your living space.  Take a look at Harveys online to get some inspiration for re-vamping your home!

Here is Ella and her friend Jake using our new snug/music room...singing on the sofa!!


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