Sunday, 29 May 2011

Peter Rabbit Organics Juice Drink

Peter Rabbit Organics have brought out a range of fruit juice drinks especially for tiny tots.  Made from pure organic fruit juice and water, they come in handy 150 ml cartons, perfect for quenching toddlers' thirsts.  They come with their own pull out straw with a wider end for drinking through.  This keeps the straw in place when the carton is pierced, which is a great idea.

The range includes three flavours: Blackcurrant & Apple, Apple & Grape and Pear.  They have added vitamin C but no other additives.  They are suitable from ages 6 months +.  We were sent one of each for Freddy to try out.

He was intrigued by the lovely little cartons which are the perfect size for little hands to hold.  The pack design was really cute with Peter Rabbit on the front.

The juice itself is very mildly flavoured.  The gentle taste would be a perfect introduction to new flavours for younger babies.  They would make a good transition from drinking water...offering a touch of real fruit and vitamin C.  I think they were a little too dilute for Freddy who is used to drinking stronger concentrations of fruit juice.  Peter Rabbit Organics do larger bottles and cartons of 50/50 juice/water which may have been more to his taste.

Big sister Kizzy is never one to miss out of trialling new products and she supped up the drink happily.

The cartons retail for 75p from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Ocado, Toys R Us and other retailers.  This is a reasonable price for an organic baby juice drink, but more expensive than an ordinary carton of fruit juice.  I would definitely choose these for a younger baby.  Freddy had organic food and drinks for the first year of his life, but we've relaxed that rule since he started eating as a part of the family.  

Please visit for further product information.  They have a delightful range of organic pouches for babies!


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