Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Dog's Doodahs Personalised Gifts and Cards!

In two week's time it's my 14th wedding anniversary.  I love to discover new and fun things online to keep our celebrations interesting.  When I was contacted by The Dog's Doodahs to have a play with their personalised cards and gifts website I was only to pleased!  It meant I'd get to order a unique card for my wonderful husband and have some fun in the process.

The Dog's Doodahs sell hundreds of personalised cards for every occasion and features brands such as On The Ceiling, Virtual Safari and the Odd Squad.  The designs range from the cute to the arty to the downright outrageous with edgy pictures and cheeky slogans.  Text and headlines can be edited to personalise them making thoughtful and often hilarious cards for friends and family.  They can be as funny and as rude as you like!

I went through all the 1877 designs (yes I really did!!) to see what was on offer.  Covering everything from birthdays to anniversaries to new baby to leaving cards, there is really something for everyone.  Male, female, straight, gay, pets and even secret admirers are catered for.

The majority of these cards are definitely for adults only!  There is a massive selection of rude and risqué cards with toilet humour, sex & fantasies and drinking all featured. Rhyming "between us" and "penis" gives you an example of the type of poem you might find!  It's like the old seaside postcard humour brought bang up to date for the 21st century.  Double entendres and the battle of the sexes reign supreme.

The website is very easy to use and navigate.  The search option allows you to find cards based on what and who it's for, as well as what style and theme you'd like.  It is easy to work through the designs.  Nine are displayed per page and hovering over the image opens it up larger to view.  When you find the design you want you can personalise it.  Highlighted text can be edited and the card can be previewed so you can see how the personalisation looks.  I had a lot of fun playing around with the site!

In the end I chose a card for Ian that used a photo upload.  I didn't go for a rude one because I couldn't find one that really suited our relationship.  (A lot of the anniversary cards implied a sexless marriage where the man does nothing bar fart and hog the remote control while the woman irons and fantasises about George Clooney whilst drinking Chablis....that is so not what goes on Inside the Wendy House!!)

Despite going for a safe option I was delighted to receive my card the next day.  The design was lovely and the personalisation made it perfect for Ian.  It was larger than I expected and well printed on a good quality, glossy card.  I was very pleased with it and very impressed with the excellent service.

Standard cards cost £3.50 plus postage.  The cards can be sent direct to the recipient or back to you with a spare envelope to send the card on yourself.  If you order by 2pm the card will be posted first class on the same this is perfect for last minute card buyers.  Other personalised gifts are also available online.

You can follow the Dog's Doodahs on Twitter and on Facebook (over 16's only!)  This company is a lot of fun and definitely up for a laugh!

Although I didn't find the perfect rude anniversary card, I've lined up a few cheeky cards for some upcoming birthdays....I'll definitely be back!!

*I was given my card free of charge for the purpose of this review.  Don't tell Ian that I'm cheap!!*


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