Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Backyard

This week's Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is calling for photos on the theme of My Backyard.  
This picture sprang to backyard from my childhood home.  A proper backyard with a concrete coal bunker and an battered metal dustbin (complete with extra black sack.)  The concrete floor was raw and unattractive...a proper working backyard.  I thought I looked cool though...check out the 80's leopard print scarf cum wristband!

To offset the utilitarian vision from my past I'm also posting this photo.  A little tiny Pansy is growing through the cement in my patio.  It's a little ray of hope, a splash of colour out of the grey.  My little metaphor!  I live in fear of it being stepped on!!

Check out other Backyards in The Gallery.


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