Friday, 6 May 2011

Flashback Friday...Freddy the Foetus!!

This week on Flashback Friday I thought I'd post a scan photo taken two years ago when I was pregnant with Freddy.  We made the decision to have a 4D Realtime scan and find out the sex of our baby.  We had never found out before and with this being pregnancy number 5 and our last baby, we thought we'd make our experience different and take advantage of the amazing technology available.

The private clinic was in the heart of the countryside in a converted barn.  We took our three girls with us who felt so honoured to be a part of the experience.  I fully expected my baby to be a girl.  I didn't think Ian did Y-Chromosomes!  When the sonographer announced that she had found a willy, the girls were so surprised and very excited to be having a younger brother.  Big brother Joe who was at this point 20 years old and about to move in with his girlfriend had always wanted a baby bro...and I was finally about to deliver on that request, just as he was leaving home!

Aside from finding out that I was expecting Freddy (and not Tess as I have thought!) we also got to see our little man's face.  He looked uncannily like his dad.  It was such a different experience 'knowing' who it was kicking me and moving around inside me.  I was able to bond with him as an individual, which was very different.  I'm glad I did it...but I'm also glad I didn't know with my others.  The surprise at birth is a miraculous experience too!  I've enjoyed doing it both ways.  But with  a nursery to decorate and clothes to buy, knowing he was a boy made the practicalities so much easier!!


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