Monday, 30 May 2011

Wireless Charging with the Powermat

In this technological age, what do you give to the gadget mad man that's got everything? (AKA my husband Ian!) Well, the answer is a Powermat, a wireless solution for charging a variety of hand held electrical devices.  iPhones, Blackberries, iPods and Nintendo DSis can all be recharged using this sleek stylish device that streamlines everything down to one mat, resulting in a neater, tidier office desk!

We were delighted to be given the chance to test the new Powermat.  Techno Daddy couldn't wait to get his hands on the latest gadget, whereas I was more interested in the fact that the Powermat would eliminate the problem of tangled, messy wires trailing around the house!

Ian has a Blackberry Curve.  The Powermat receiver replaces the usual phone back cover.  The device is then placed on the Powermat which gives a nice little electronic noise to let you know it is connected.  The phone then starts recharging, as simple as that! The receiver is slightly thicker than the original back cover which might make it too thick for some cases, but it wasn't a problem for us.

The intelligent system stops using energy as soon as the battery is full which is great for the environment and for the battery life of the device.

We were also sent a Powercube which includes a selection of adaptors which will connect other devices to the Powermat, without the need of having separate receivers for each one.  It is an all in one charging solution covering many major brands. This makes the Powermat even more versatile.

Ian was very impressed and thinks it is an excellent thing to have in the house.  So many times, our older kids visit home and their phones or iPods run out of battery. Having the Powercube means we are likely to have a compatible adaptor allowing them to recharge their device on the Powermat.  That in itself will avoid a whole host of moaning!!

Powermat is a brilliant for organising the recharging of gadgets in one place.  No more wires hanging out from any available plug socket.  The amount of times I've trodden on Ian's phone that has been left recharging on the bedroom floor!!  Well, no more thanks to Powermat!!

A range of Powermats, receivers and accessories are currently available from Amazon.


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