Saturday, 21 May 2011

New York Co. in Wholemeal!!

We were sent two packs of New York Bakery Bagels in Cinnamon and Raisin and the brand new low-fat, high fibre Wholemeal varieties.  There are now seven  tasty members of the Bagel family.  Each bag contained five bagels just crying out to be toasted!  My girls love original bagels but hadn't tried any other flavour...they didn't need much persuasion to test them!

The bagel experts have developed a delicious, brand new recipe which means that the bagels are bigger, bolder and tastier than ever.  They are chewy on the outside and really soft on the inside....exactly how you want bagels to be!

We halved and toasted them and served them with butter.  We kept it nice and simple although bagels are very versatile and can be topped or filled in a whole variety of ways.  There are a load of serving suggestions on the website!

The verdict was extremely positive!  The girls loved the bagels.  They had a lovely texture and were much softer and tastier than any we'd tried previously.  The wholemeal variety was light and tasty.  It's good to know that it is made with healthy whole wheat flour complete with the fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that a whole grain has to offer.  It was really delicious!

New York Bakery Co. can be found on Facebook...why not pop across and say hello!  Check out the website and (for a limited time) you can print out a 50p off voucher for your next purchase of New York Co. Bagels!  Give them a try...I'd recommend the wholemeal variety for a healthy lunch idea!!


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