Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Listography....Simple Pleasures

Kate has challenged us to come up with five simple pleasures this week.  The little things in life that make us smile and remind us why it's good to be alive!  After my bout of Labyrinthitis last week, the fact that the room is no longer violently spinning is a real plus and an unexpected sense of balance is no longer something taken for granted, that's for sure!  But aside from this what are five simple pleasures that I make my life worth living!

The sunshine on my face, a beautiful setting and my family taking a Sunday afternoon stroll together.  It truly is a simple pleasure, you can just feel the stress floating away.  (Unfortunately teenage Ella who doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body feels the cold and the wind whipping across the lake freezes her to her bones and she ends up wearing everyone's jackets and still shivers. Walks are often cut day we WILL get all around the lake!)

My King Size Leather Sleigh Bed is one of my real pleasures.  I love snuggling up under my duvet and am totally sold on memory foam pillows.  The one thing I really love is to wait until Ian gets up for work, then I sidle up into his side of the bed and lie in his space.  It's all warm and smells like him.  It makes me smile.

My husband's willingness to wear this T-Shirt that says 'Property of Mrs McDonald' on the front is a simple pleasure.

I'm working towards making him get a tattoo that says the same!

Watching my little seedlings coming up in the pot garden we made is a real unexpected pleasure. Every pot we planted up is starting to show signs of life.  Little green shoots are pushing up through the soil.  We have carrots, onions, chives, spinach, salad leaves, strawberries and herbs.  The children are thrilled...I am possibly more so!

My only problem though is that I am now meant to thin out my crops and I can't bring myself to euthanase my plant babies.  How can I choose which ones to destroy?  It's like Sophie's Choice all over again.  I may have to send my dad out to do it for me next time he is here, so I don't have to witness the genocide of my onions and carrots.

No one told me gardening would be this hard!

My fifth simple pleasure cuddling my baby boy post bath.  He is so warm and smells so gorgeous and his surfer boy hair goes all fluffy and soft.

I wrap him in his Cuddledry towel and snuggle him up.  It is beyond wonderful.  A simple pleasure at its best!


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