Saturday, 28 May 2011

Monkey Dunk

Hasbro's Monkey Dunk is another great pre-school game.  We recently tested Pop Goes Froggio and we loved it!  I've never seen a game elicit such a giggletastic response from my toddler!

So we were eager to give the other game we received from Mummy News a try.

Monkey Dunk is "The Monkey Flippin' Game with the Elefun surprise!"  The aim of the game is to launch monkeys into the lagoon to win banana tokens.  

The game consists of a sturdy cardboard back drop that fits into the box bottom, some plastic cups which become swimming holes in the lagoon, 16 plastic monkeys and an elefun popper.  There is also a lily pad blocker to make the game more challenging for older players and 20 banana tokens.

My Tiny Testers were eager to go.  To celebrate we even face painted a monkey on Kizzy's cheek!!  The monkeys were a good size for little fingers to manipulate, but flicking them was quite an acquired skill.  It's a tiddly winks type technique that is needed and although Kizzy mastered it, Freddy was too young.  The game is recommended for ages 4 and up.  Freddy however improvised by throwing his monkeys, so he could still join in quite happily!

The game is fast and frantic with all players flicking their coloured monkeys into the lagoon at the same time. The aim of the game is to get the monkeys into the four swimming holes.  The twist in the game comes in the form of the elefun popper.  The rubber ringed elephant sits in one of the holes.  You push him down and after an amount of time he pops back up marking the end of the round and bouncing some of the monkeys out of his hole in the process!

The monkeys that land inside one of the holes score the player one banana token.  The aim of the game is to collect as many bananas as you can!

Kizzy was the champion Monkey Dunker collecting a handful of bananas in the process.  

Overall, we enjoyed the Monkey Dunk game.  It is nice to play a game that the whole family can play together.  Anyone could be the winner.  In time Fred will master the launching the monkeys!  It is colourful and the characters are appealing.  It's fast and exciting so the little ones don't get bored.  It is well constructed and packs neatly back into the box.  Hasbro have definitely created some really great games that pre-schoolers will enjoy playing alongside their parents and siblings.  


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