Monday, 30 May 2011

Cuticura for Healthy Hands

Ever since the Swine Flu pandemic swept across the UK, we have been far more vigilant with our hand hygiene!  So much so that my teenaged daughter won't leave home without hand sanitizer in her bag or pocket!

When we were sent a selection of Cuticura products, Ella was overjoyed!  More of her favourite product to test out for hand hygiene on the go.  It claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria so it is perfect for keeping you safe, clean and refreshed wherever you are.  They come in a variety of formats with prices starting at just £1.  A small price to pay for protection from bacteria and viruses offering the ultimate weapon against them.

We were sent the Hand Hygiene Wipes, Hand Hygiene Lotion, Hand Hygiene Foamer and the Hand Hygiene Gel.  They are all a convenient size which is perfect for a handbag, changing bag, pocket or glove compartment.  They are ideal for travelling, eating out, for use in public toilets, on days out or on holiday and anywhere where access to soap and water is limited.  With Festival season approaching, they are a must have!

I was particularly pleased with the wipes.  On a day out with Freddy he often ends up with mucky hands from  picking up sticks, playing in dirt or generally doing what little boys do.  Baby wipes clean off the dirt, but don't kill the germs.  Hand Sanitizer is tricky to administer to a squirming toddler intent on licking it off!  The wipes are the perfect solution, killing two birds with one stone giving him hygienically clean hands.  It puts my mind at rest knowing that he is germ free!

Cuticura do a Kids' Range especially for little people but I was perfectly happy using the same products for us all, as they are suitable for the entire family.

The pleasant smelling lotion, gel and foamer were not at all sticky and dried in seconds.  The Aloe Vera enriched Foamer is alcohol free and has up to 125 applications per pack.  That is a lot of hand sanitizing!

Cuticura is perfect for everyday hand hygiene keeping hands healthy anytime, anyplace, anywhere!


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