Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Gallery...Mustachioed

This week Tara has given us the prompt of moustaches to inspire our entries for this week's The Gallery!  Moustaches have played a big role in my life!  My dad sported a fine row of facial hair upon his upper lip throughout my childhood.  Check out his lovely moustache in this picture!

men with moustaches

However, the moustache was eventually shaved off as it became more white than black and stopped matching his hair.  My dad became a distinguished and clean shaven gentleman!  The first time he shaved it off I actually fell on the floor laughing.  It was such a shock to see his upper lip it induced a bout of hysteria.

men with moustaches

Over the years, my dad's head hair grew to match his facial hair.  The moustache made a welcome return to his top lip and now he has the full matching ensemble of snowy white locks and snosh!  Lovely.

men with moustaches

My husband prefers the stubbly, goatee look (thank heavens!) and wears it well.  However, back in 2010, QWERTY Mum had a murder mystery birthday party to which we were invited.  Ian was given the role of 'Luc Overlair' the hapless Gendarme from the WW2 themed  story.  Never one to forego the opportunity of doing something out of the ordinary, Ian grew his facial hair to into a shaggy beard, which prior to the party was trimmed to create a rather fetching *coughs* moustache to complete his outfit.  With his beret and truncheon, the look was complete!  I couldn't believe how ginger it was!!  haha  I hope you enjoy my OH's mo as much as I did.  *guffaws*

men with moustaches

If anyone is as old as me, you might agree that my husband bears a striking resemblance to George Roper (actor Brian Murphy) from the 70's sitcom George and Mildred!


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