Friday, 27 May 2011

Flashback Friday...A Happy Time

Karin at Cafe Bebe is asking us to link up a memory of a happy time in our life.  I have so many happy memories, but I thought I'd choose something from my teenage years.  

My dad used to like taking day trips to Boulogne to stock up on wine.  We'd catch a ferry from Folkestone as foot passengers, then we'd walk the short distance from the port to the town where my dad would know his way around to find all the best bargains.  He'd have a leather holdall which was just the right size to hold his duty free allowance (as it used to be back then!)

These pictures show me and my dad having some fun in Boulogne!

 OK, so I was only 15, but my dad didn't mind me having the odd swig of vin rouge in a public park!  You can see his leather bag between his feet!  Imagine how heavy that was once filled with bottles!!  

After boozing with my dad the result would be a lot of giggling and silliness (mostly from him...he never was a big drinker.  He'd start saying "I love my kids!" after 2 glasses.)  This photo was taken on the ferry on the way back to England.  My inner exhibitionist was clearly released by the afternoon tipple.  (Another reason why it's a good job that I am now tee-total!)

These day trips were such a big part of our parents do tend to get a bit obsessive about doing things.  If something is good they keep doing it over and over...but I never complained about my trips to France.  They were fun.  I still love going to French Supermarkets....I guess it is a result of my happy memories of going there as a teenager with my dad!


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