Saturday, 28 May 2011


This week, instead of the very lovely Kate casting her eye over our Listography, we have Keith!  Kate has entrusted her weekly bloghop to him based on his excellent suggestion for this week's list. The Reluctant Housedad has given us the prompt of "Finals".  Inspired by the mispredicted 'Rapture' debacle, Keith has been thinking about those final things we would organise with knowledge that our time would soon be up.  He wants to know what we would do??  I am instantly reminded of Ultravox's "Dancing with Tears in my Eyes" video, where Midge and his young lady disappeared under a symbolic white sheet as the end struck!  I am not going to base my Finals on bedlinen...even 100% Egyptian Cotton stuff.  Oh no!  So here without further ado (time's a wasting you know!!)  my Five Finals!

1: Final Supper
For once, guilt would not play a part as I scoff down a mountain of my favourite tucker.  If I'm about to meet my maker I'll do it on a full stomach, comforted by the endorphins released by consuming my feel good food.  A huge bowl of righteous Macaroni Cheese with extra cheese would be a good start.  A side order of Mushroom Chow Mein and Quorn Enchiladas would complete the course.  A tub of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey, an apple crumble with clotted cream, my mum's rice pudding and a really good cheesecake would make a nice dessert.  I'd be so stuffed, Armageddon would probably not even raise me from my post-dinner slumber!

2: Final Destination
For me, there's no place like home...however I am also seduced by the magic of Disney.  I'd like to spend out the last days of this mortal coil with Mickey Mouse et al in The Magic Kingdom, possibly riding on the It's A Small World After All boat ride.  To be honest, when I'm on that ride I'm usually willing the world to end to put me out of my misery, so it seems fitting.

3:  Final Film
I'd whack on a compendium of hilarious clips taken from my favourite funny films...Disaster Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie, Meet The Spartans, White Chicks, Dance Flick etc.  I'd laugh my way through any apocalyptic event when faced with my guilty pleasure of toilet humour ridden movies.  I've enjoyed culture, high brow and the arts...but if I'm going to go, I'm going to go out with a belly laugh!

4:  Final Farewells 
I imagine we'll all be blogging and Tweeting like crazy, and joining "I was there when the world ended" groups on Facebook.  So I'll have bidden my farewells across cyberspace....some sentiments in 140 characters, others tagging friends and some in status form.  But my real farewells, the ones that matter will be silent.  Holding my loved ones close.  Absorbing them into myself for all eternity.

5:  Final Act of Redemption
As the giant crocodile comes down from the sky bringing with it the wrath of the Gods by way of watery carnage (or whatever the Mayans drew in their big calendar that set off this whole World's End business) I would give thanks for a life well loved.  I have known true love, passion and joy with my amazing husband and soul mate.  I have had the five most amazing children who I have seen grow up and flourish, amazing me and delighting me every single day.  I have been truly blessed.  But in the spirit of redemption I would also say "Sorry" for those things I have done which have caused sadness, pain or distress to others.  (Except for that time when I  pretended to post back my ex-boyfriend's necklace (that he had previously given me) but instead I sent him an empty envelope with a hole in it and made out that the postie must've nicked it.  He TOTALLY deserved it!)
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Now go and link up your five at Keith's and check out some more final moments!


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