Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Gallery....World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day and I have chosen to share this photo (taken on Sunday) from Knowsley Safari Park of a White Rhinoceros chomping on the grass right next to our car.  I love how prehistoric it looks.  An animal from a bygone age.  Its huge size was breathtaking, an amazing creature.  The children were awestruck by this was an incredible moment for them to get up close and personal to it.  The sound of it chewing the grass and its seeming gentleness despite its gait will stay with them.  A moment from a fabulous family day out that will last forever thanks to capturing it in a photo.

This is my entry to The Gallery.


  1. I love rhinos :D This picture is so good!

  2. Such a magnificent photo of a creature who could go instinct which makes your photo even more poignant and wonderful xx

  3. Wonderful photo, really really good

  4. That is a beautiful close up shot and it real does look pre-historic! I can see why the children were in awe! x

  5. What an amazing shot. x

  6. I absolutely love your picture of this amazing animal.. Although it certainly looks large and possibly scary, I have an idea that it is a gentle creature.



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