Sunday, 21 August 2011

Explore with Hyundai

Today we had the most amazing test drive of a lovely, new Hyundai i40 Tourer at Knowsley Safari Park.  What a brilliant way to try out a new car and meet the Hyundai Team while having a day out with the family!

We arrived at the Safari Park and made our way to the Hyundai area where we were signed in to the 11.45am test drive slot.

We were given wrist bands for the rides, Kizzy had her face painted and Freddy did some colouring in while we waited for our test drive around the drive through safari.

When it was our turn to jump behind the wheel of one of the fleet of shiny, new i40 Tourers, we were given a quick guide to the features of the car.

We were very impressed with the spacious interior.  The dashboard was uber modern with a touch screen display, keyless ignition and a reversing camera function.  The handbrake was activated with an electronic touch button.  An iPhone was connected in the car running an app which gave us a commentary of the safari which worked using GPS to work out which area we were passing through.

The 5 mile safari was one of the best I'd ever been through. Three lanes and a no feeding policy kept the traffic moving, avoiding huge traffic jams!  The areas were really spacious and the animals were really active and looked very happy in their habitat.  Herds of deer ran across the grass together.  A pride of lions played with their cubs and walked around the cars.  The baby rhino calf came to explore the passing vehicles.  It was all so lovely and so close.

The i40 handled beautifully in the stop/start safari traffic and we all had a great view of the lovely animals around us.  Some of them got up close and personal...they must have been impressed with the i40!

We had an excellent test going down the high street any day!

The only area we were not allowed in was the Baboon enclosure, but we made the journey in our own car so the kids could experience the monkeys for themselves.  The guys at Hyundai helped us to take off our windscreen wiper blades before we went through...because otherwise the baboons would have removed them for us!  It was completely mad going through the colony of 140 monkeys who thought that catching a ride on the bonnet or roof was a good idea.  One particular naughty monkey tried to chew off  our windscreen washer nozzle (it now has bitemarks) and also tried to claw the glass out of the wing mirror before hanging off my door handle for a white knuckle ride.  The car in front of us had a rather brazen pair of adult monkeys on the roof who began to engage in some X-rated activities.  I think it may be the Baboon equivalent to the Mile High Club!  I understand why Hyundai did not want their shiny i40s subject to such abuse!

We are very impressed with the Hyundai brand.  In the last 12 months Ian has taken part in the Hands of My Hyundai Competition (and won an i20!).  I drove a gorgeous Santa Fe to Cybermummy sponsored by Hyundai.  Now we have had a test drive in an i40 Tourer around Knowsley Safari Park.  It is definitely a brand I'd recommend for its high spec cars and innovation. Next time we are in the market for a new car, we'll definitely consider a Hyundai!


  1. wow, you really got up close to those Lions! The monkeys sound like fun.....hope Izzy didn't miss her 'ride partners' too much!

  2. She would have loved Hanna and Sam to go on the rides with. She's looking forward to seeing them at the Bob do! xxx

  3. oh that will be great...are you staying down there the night before or just going down in the morning?

  4. Staying at Ian's sister's who lives in Surrey and driving into London in the morning. Hope Freddy is on good form after roughing it the night before! x

  5. don't worry, I'm sure Jack will be the same after we have all spent the night together in a Travelodge!! x

  6. We'll be embarrassed together on the Clipper with our toddlers!

  7. haha, no WE won't, WE shall be sipping Champagne whilst Matt & Ian take the toddlers onto the top deck to watch boats!!

  8. We just had a day out today at Woburn Safari Park which was great fun- we got some great pics but I think our animals were a bit more camera shy! I can't believe your hubby won an i20! Amazing! x

  9. I can see what a great time you had at Knowsley Safari Park - the car looked fantastic and it certainly looks the ideal place to have a great day out.

  10. What an adventure! I never thought an I40 could be used in a safari. I drive a Tucson and I love it, but I haven't tested it's all-terrain capability yet. Maybe I will next time.



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