Friday, 8 July 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week has been a good week in many ways...but here are my top 3!

1: My Clever Girls

 My 15 year old Ella's school report was simply amazing.  (Apart from the PE comments that said she should be doing more sport and less chatting!!)  The school syllabus used by her school means that the GCSE exams are taken over two years rather than in one go at the end.  She has done so well, getting 100% on some papers.  I'm so proud of her :)

My 19 year old Megan has passed her 2nd year university exams with flying colours!  She is well on her way to getting a top class degree from the University of  Manchester in Business and Marketing.  Super proud mummy!

My clever girls x

2: Freddy is 2 tomorrow.  We are going to Pandamonium in the Park as VIP guests of Cadbury which will be a wonderful day out for my little man!  He loves music and likes to dance and sing along to every tune that he hears, so for him to see a Hans Zimmer Concert with the Pandamonic Orchestra performing songs from Dreamworks' movies will be a perfect way to spend his birthday.  We will be joining in with some Cadbury Spots v Stripes Minute To Win It games! It promises to be lots of fun...hope the weather holds out!

3: I found out today that my blog has been shortlisted in the Loved by Parents Blogger of the Year Awards.  I was so proud to be chosen!  The voting is open now at and although I'm not going to be asking for votes beyond today, I am really thrilled to be in the Top Ten and appreciate any support so much!


  1. notyetayummymummy8 July 2011 at 16:48

    Great reasons Wendy, well done for the Loved by Parents awards, you got my vote! x

  2. celebratingmums8 July 2011 at 17:09

    Well done on all fronts, a very upbeat and chirpy post

  3. No Discernible Talent8 July 2011 at 18:59

    Fab news, what a lovely start to the weekend. You've definitely got my vote! xx

  4. Super reasons, I hope you have a fab day today for Freddie's Birthday.

    Have voted for you, good luck with that. I saw that comp a while back and got freaked out at the hot air baloon prize! lol

    Mich x

  5. Reasons to be cheerful indeed. Love you. XXX

  6. your kids are so cute lol and clever with it! and congrads on your shortlist i hope you do well



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