Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Menagerie of Photographs

I had a go at trying to be a bit of a wildlife photographer while I was at Chester Zoo this weekend.  I have a Lumix G2 camera but I'm still at a loss how to use all the buttons and settings, but I am giving it my best shot!  Here are a handful of the pictures I took.

Butterfly that looked like a leaf! 
Java Sparrow that chattered to us from a branch.
Giraffe (who was very tall!)
Chimpanzee...he seemed to be the boss of the monkey world.
Hornbill (it looks plastic but it was real, honest!)
My girls pretending to be a Giant Tortoise!
One day I hope to make my camera proud and do it proper credit...but I'm quite pleased with these shots in the mean time.  Photography is something I so want to grasp.  It is such a learning curve, but as long as I'm having fun with it, I'll carry on trying.


  1. I just have a really cheap cannon camera but I do love taking photos, these pics are fab tho well done x

  2. Keep snapping! These are great

  3. These pics are great...I love the one with the tortoise shell :)

  4. Those pics you took look very professional - I just cannot see how they could possibly be improved upon. I am so glad that you took your camera because it was a joy to see the pics, especially the tortoise - brilliant!



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