Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Galt Nail Art...a Toyology Review

The Galt Nail Art set is the exact toy that my 8 year old daughter adores.  An activity set that is all about beauty and fashion.

The set contains 7 nail polishes, tattoos, nail gems, holographic stickers and a funky star shaped nail file.  Everything you need to create some fabulous nail and hand art with cool artistic designs.

There was no instruction leaflet but it didn't hold back Kizzy at all.  With her two older sisters and me as willing models she set to work applying nail varnish.  The colours were subtle and pearlised and went on very evenly.  The two glitter nail  varnishes added sparkle!

The gems came in different shapes and colours and stuck well.  The tattoos came in fun and funky designs and were applied simply using water to dampen the paper from the back of the tattoo.

The set contains plenty of materials for many a manicure!  The nail varnish is not that peelable stuff you find in some children's sets, it is the real deal.  So long after the stickers, gems and tattoos are used up, the nail varnish will still be going strong. 

We spent a happy hour or two doing mani's.  It is a lovely activity for a bit of girlie fun.  It nurtures creativity and also helps develop hand eye co-ordination within the art of applying nail polish!  The suggested age range is 7+.  I can imagine it being a bit messy in the hands of younger children so I think that is spot on.  It would be perfect for a sleepover/make-over activity for young girls.  It would be a nice rainy day activity too...just watch the carpet, clothing and furniture!

It sells for £5.99 in Toys R Us which is great value for money.  Kizzy loved it!  


  1. jessies_online6 July 2011 at 22:26

    that's a great review, Kizzy is a little star!

  2. I can see how much you enjoyed yourself at the Toyology review I can imagine that, no matter how young or old you are, it must be a joy to see all the fantastic toys on offer. The colours and variety are amazing - where do you start to select the toys you think are the most popular.

  3. Knowing Kizzy as I do, I can imagine how thrilled she was with the nail art set.
    She certainly seemed to enjoy applying the nail varnish and looks, as always, an absolute star.



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