Thursday, 4 July 2013

Until We Hug Again! Hallmark's Recordable Teddy Bear.

I am delighted to be part of the Hallmark Blogger Panel as this means I get to review some of their lovely new products like the gorgeous Until We Hug Again recordable bear.  The cute and cuddly 11" tall teddy is made with his own unique patchwork patches making him a one of a kind bear.  His friendly expression and super soft fur make him so huggable.  He has a soft blue nose and a big blue heart on his tummy.  But the best thing about this toy is that you can record a message using Voice Save technology, that will be replayed with every hug.  So even when you can't be with a loved one, they can hear your voice every time they cuddle their bear.


You can record a 30 second message that can be saved and preserved, which is ideal for someone that you don't see very often, so that they can get to hear your voice everyday. Getting grandparents to make a recording for the grandkids is a lovely way to make them a part of the child's day no matter where they are.  If a parent is away on business, recording a personal message for a little one would help them cope with being apart.  If a child is missing mum or dad, a quick hug of the teddy bear will let them hear their parent's voice.  It is a very comforting idea, letting loved ones feel connected and together at all times.

It is also fun to make funny recordings that the bear will play back, just for your own entertainment!  Who wouldn't want their bear to sing a silly song back to you in your own voice! You can record over the last message as often as you like, unless the recording is "locked" which saves it and stops it being recorded over.

Birthday messages,  special announcements or even proposals could be done via an Until We Hug Again bear. You could record any message prior to giving the bear to a loved one, making this a really personal and special gift!

Until We Hug Again Bear comes complete with 3 AA batteries so it is ready to go!  It is a really fun twist on a soft toy, adding a re-recordable, personalised message that is played whenever you give the bear a hug!

It is currently on sale at Hallmark priced at £12.99.  Find it here on


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