Monday, 29 July 2013

Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills On

Fruit Shoot is launching Get Your Skills On, a campaign designed to give kids the chance to learn the latest cool skills ranging from street dance to free style basketball to urban percussion.  We received a Skills Pack to try out which included tutorials from Fruit Shoot's resident Skills Crew.

Freddy and Kizzy tried very hard to master the art of Parkour.  They also tried break dancing, keepie uppies and an Ollie on the skateboard.  They haven't mastered these new skills yet, so instead, especially for this post, they practiced some skills on the trampoline.  Kizzy learned how to do a tuck, pike, straddle combo and Freddy did 10 seat jumps!!


Now the summer holidays have started for us, we will be attempting to improve on the elusive, yet-to-be-mastered skills and learn some cool new tricks to impress each other with! 

This September, Nickelodeon’s Fruit Shoot Skills Awards are going to be held.  They recognise and celebrate talented young people from across the UK with serious skills, from Breakdancing and Skateboarding to BMXing and Soccer Freestyling.

Your children will also be able upload a video of the best skills they’ve learnt  - to be in with a chance of being shortlisted for the Breakthrough Award at the annual Fruit Shoot Skills Awards, which will be shown on Nickelodeon.  So get your kids to get their skills on and give it a go!

Find out more at and upload your video at


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