Monday, 15 July 2013

Thank You Teacher

It's nearly the end of term.  This school year has seen my 10 year old Kizzy flourish both academically and socially in year 5 of junior school.  She is totally ready to start her final academic year ahead of going on to secondary school. Her teacher told me she would love a whole class of Kizzies to teach.  Freddy's first year at nursery has seen him go from a shy and timid child into a confident and happy boy.  I am so grateful that Freddy has been given such excellent support in such a caring setting, which has made him ready for school in September.  His key worker is absolutely wonderful and helped us through some tough moments.  I will miss his nursery next year.

A good teacher is someone who will be remembered forever.  They teach from the heart, not from a book.  Some one who will inspire their pupils and help nurture a love of learning. I still remember the inspirational teachers that taught me.  Mrs Gallie, Miss Phillips, Mr Webster, Mr Haslett, Mr Wheeler, Mr Goodchild and Mr Long, you helped shape me! It is a wonderful gesture for the kids to say "Thank You" to their teachers for all the hard work and input that they have put into their lives.  

Homemade presents can be a lovely idea to give to teachers.  Baking some cookies and presenting them in a pretty jar is a fun activity that the kids can get involved in.  Or you could put together a basket filled with teacher's favourite tea bags, biscuits and a mug.  If you are crafty, their are some great ideas for gifts online.  For example, you could make a handcrafted piece of framed artwork featuring the child's hand prints or thumbprints as a treasured memento.  Or for a unique school themed present, you can stick coloured pencils all the way around a pot and then pop in a small potted plant.

Here is a great tutorial for a Pencil Covered Plant Pot, with a free printable label that says "Thank you for helping me grow!"  It is a lovely idea and a wonderful sentiment.

teacher, gift, craft

But if you are short on time, there are lots of items available in the shops at the moment including a range at Asda.  The range includes cards, gift wrap and some lovely little gifts that come with a pocket money price tag, so the kids can buy them themselves if they wish. Nothing costs more than £5 and many things are just £1 including mugs and keyrings.

I was sent a photo frame and photo holder featuring the cute character Alfie (who looks like a giraffe/cow hybrid!!) and also a Star design keyring.  The photo frame and holder could hold a photograph or a piece of artwork to make a really personal gift from a younger child.  The graphic Star keyring is a nice way to simply say thank you with a token gesture, ideal for older kids to give to their teacher.


A box of chocolates is always well received!  Belgian chocolate sea shells or sea horses from Guylian are delicious and perfectly themed for the summer holidays!  I was sent some of their 45g gift boxes of sea horses, which  are available for just £1 each so children could buy them for their teacher themselves.  They would also be a nice way to thank other staff members who have made a difference to your child.  Larger boxes could be given as a joint gift for all the staff in a setting who would enjoy sharing them during a coffee break!  I love the creamy marbled chocolate and the melt in the mouth praline filling of Guylian chocolates and really like the iconic design of the seashells and seahorses.  

sea shells

It's easy to show your child's appreciation to their teacher and it needn't cost a fortune!  It's the thought behind the gift that really counts.  Kizzy and Freddy will be giving their teacher's a little gift to say thank you and show our gratitude for everything they have done for them this academic year!


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