Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Freddy's New Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter

Razor Scooters are no longer just for the big kids!  Little kids can now have fun with a scooter designed just for them and while they are playing they will be honing their balance and co-ordination skills too.  The new Kixi Mixi from Razor, grows with your child easily converting from a three wheeler to a two wheeler as their stability develops.  The lightweight yet sturdy design, has comfort foam foldable handlebars that are easy for little hands to grip. 

pre-school scooter

Freddy could not wait to get his hands on his new scooter that we were sent to review.  Daddy put it together for him and remarked that it was the easiest and most sensibly designed scooter he'd ever assembled.  He was very impressed with the quality and workmanship.


Freddy liked the green and blue colour and had the confidence to start scooting straight away with the three wheels making the scooter feel safe - yet still speedy and with smooth turns.  It won't be long before he goes onto two wheels as his skills and confidence progress.  It has some great detailing such as the doodle graphics on the paintwork and the non-slip section on the deck.


The Mixi scooter is one in a range of Kixi ride-ons which are designed for pre-schoolers.  Razor is a premium brand and the Mixi shows the quality and great design that is synonymous with their products. It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium. I love to see Freddy whizzing about outdoors getting exercise and learning physical skills as he rides on his scooter.  It's a good looking outdoor toy that looks cool and more grown up than some of the other pre-school ride-on toys on the market.  In its three-wheeled mode, the scooter is free standing which is great for storage and keeping it clean (no finding it lying on the lawn!)

We are all impressed with the Kixi Mixi scooter, especially Freddy who has been scooting around at every available opportunity!

It is priced at £44.99 RRP and is available in both green/blue and pink from stores such as Argos and Amazon.  It takes weight of up to 20 kg and is recommended for ages 3 and up.


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