Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Greener Cleaning with Method

Cleaning is not a glamorous job, but it is an essential part of everyday life.  Although not an exciting chore, it can be made so much more pleasant by choosing the right products.  Products that work for you and for the planet, which are non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.  Products that smell delicious and which are packaged in beautifully designed bottles.  Products that are efficient, effective and which fight dirty!  Products that help you to clean happy!

method products fit the bill!


Harnessing Powergreen Technology, using plant-based solvents and surfactants which tackle tough soils, each product is specifically designed to deliver a mighty cleaning punch.  They are bio-degradable and non-toxic and leave behind no nasty residue.  This makes method super safe in households, especially important where there are young children present.

I was sent some method products to try out. At first glance you can see these products are different.  They look gorgeous, colourful and modern.  You won't want to hide them away under the sink that's for sure!  As soon as you open the bottles to use them, the natural fragrances come flooding through.  Using them shows that they are efficient and effective.  Knowing that they are safe and non-toxic is a real added bonus. Green cleaning has never been so attractive.

method Ultra Concentrated Washing Up Liquid - Cucumber
The crisp, cool and refreshing fragrance of cucumber with a hint of citrus is the perfect scent for a summer's day as you wash up after a barbecue!  The pump action dispenser makes it easy to squirt out the exact dose onto a sponge or into the sink, mess free!  I love the tapered bottle showing the crystal clear green liquid inside.  The washing-up liquid tackles greasy dishes in a natural way and is kind to your hands, especially important to me as I get dermatitis from using harsh chemicals.  I absolutely love the scent of this product, it's so unlike the harsh chemical, lemony fragrances of some of the market leaders.  It bubbled up brilliantly well on my sponge and did a great job.  (Approx £3)

method Daily Kitchen Cleaner - Clementine
The citrus fresh, clementine scent is a delight to your senses from the very first squirt.  It's bright and cheery and makes cleaning the surfaces a far more joyous experience.  I love its orangey smell and the way it cuts through the greasy spills.  Knowing it leaves nothing toxic behind is reassuring when preparing food for the family. (Approx £3)

method Gel Hand Wash - Sweet Water
Naturally derived, paraben free and heavenly scented with the fragrance of grapefruit, lemon leaves, jasmine and lily of the valley, this hand wash comes in a gorgeous teardrop shaped bottle with a pump dispenser. It looks so attractive in the bathroom!  The kids absolutely love this and are washing their hands more often than usual just to get a dose of this gorgeous smelling hand wash! (Approx £2.49)

So now I can clean happy and join in the fight against dirty with method!

method's range includes surface cleaners, washing-up liquids, bathroom products, laundry products, handwashes and some specialty products all designed to do their job brilliantly and naturally.

You can find method products at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado, John Lewis, Homebase, B&Q, Co-op, Booths, Superdrug, Amazon and independent stores.

Join in the method revolution for people against dirty: 


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