Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SUSO - A Healthier Alternative In Fizzy Drinks

The fizzy drinks market is dominated by canned drinks which are full of chemical sweeteners and flavourings.  Not the healthiest of options for our children, who enjoy drinking carbonated beverages.  Many teenagers are becoming far more aware of their health and according to a survey conducted at Nottingham Trent University, a quarter of students would like access to a healthier option.  Yet they still demand great tasting drinks.  Finding that balance is not always easy.

One brand that is trying to do just this is SUSO- a range of fizzy, fruit-based drinks that contain over 60% juice and act as one of your 5 a day.  They contain no preservatives, sugar or additives making them a healthy choice with all the flavour of real fruit and the added fun of the fizz!

fizzy drinks

We were sent a Berry Fizz, Orange Fizz and Tropical Fizz can of SUSO to try.  They also come in Apple Fizz and Lemon Fizz flavours.  The 250ml cans are a good size for lunchboxes and are approved by schools.

The drinks were really refreshing and fruity.  The girls both really liked the Tropical Fizz one most of all as it was intensely fruity and naturally sweet.  Ella's least favourite was the orange one as its predominant flavour was that of  sparkling spring water...but this was my favourite! I really like the concept of having such a healthy, fizzy drink.  Served cold it is perfect for summer. 

fizzy drinks

SUSO have launched their new "Taste Greatness" campaign to promote the brand to teens who 
want all the taste, fizz and appeal that this drink delivers.

Check out their website at


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