Friday, 19 July 2013

I'm getting my Blog On at the MOSI #BlogOnMOSI

On Sunday, you will find me at the MOSI in Manchester taking part in the first Blogs Up North conference:  Blog On.  Organised by the unstoppable power of Laura from Tired Mummy of Two, it promises to be a fun opportunity to meet brands, learn stuff in round table discussions, drink wine, meet fellow bloggers and raise money for Clic Sergeant in an amazing raffle!

It's great to have an event held up this end of the country.  I have decided not to do any more London based events unless they are the totally amazing, not to be missed kind.  But getting to Manchester is ideal, with just a quick stint up the M6.  Ian is driving me to the venue then taking the children off to the Trafford Centre with their Merlin Annual Passes so they can visit the new sea Life Centre and the Legoland Discovery Centre.  They will also be joining up with big sister Megan who lives in Manchester, so it promises to be a great day out for everyone!

I have met a lot of bloggers over the last three years of my blogging journey, a few of which will be there on Sunday.  But if anyone doesn't know me, I'm the rather tall one who has a propensity for misbehaving at times.  I'll probably also be wilting away in the corner unless the MOSI has air con.  I'm not good with this heat!!  I'm also not good with names and faces so if I appear rude by not approaching you straight away, it's because I'm trying desperately hard to remember if I know you in real life or just virtually and I don't want to appear like a crazy stalker.  Please come and say hello to me, to avoid that situation.

I hear there is alcohol at Blog On!  I only just came off the wagon after five years being tee total, so that might prove interesting.  I promise not to disgrace myself!

I'm really looking forward to meeting the brands and I must remember to bring my business cards!  I had like 500 of them originally and still have about 497 after giving one to my mum and offloading a couple more on unsuspecting folk.

So who am I?

I am Wendy.  44.  Mum to five great kids.  Joe 24.  Megan 21.  Ella 17.  Kizzy 10.  Freddy 4.  Wife to my high school sweetheart Ian.  Grandma to baby Ted who is 7 months old.  I love gives me a raison d'ĂȘtre! I love the opportunities that it has given my family.  I live in the country but crave the city shops and restaurants. I'm vegetarian and am a real foodie.  I love films, music and Disney.  My hair is greying but I refuse to dye it.  Stubborn.

@wendymcd83 on Twitter.

This is Me


See you there!


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