Friday, 12 July 2013

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Video Review

I was sent a fabulous Bakerdays Letterbox Cake, personalised with one of my favourite photographs from my blog and a cascade of red hearts, to review.  The impact of receiving a beautiful cake like this through the post is simply wonderful!  There is something about seeing your own face immortalized in icing that gives cake lovers like me a huge thrill!

It arrived package in its own tin, safely within a sturdy box.  It came with a gift card and a packet of Love Heart Sweets...the perfect romantic addition!  The packaging ensures that the cake withstands the postal service and arrives to your door in perfect condition.

The cake itself was a moist and delicious carrot cake and the icing was soft and sweet.  A perfect combination.  There was enough for four slices, although it was so delicious I could happily have eaten the whole thing myself!


Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes are the ideal edible gift for any occasion.  There are hundreds of designs to pick from on the easy to use website.  They can be personalised with text and photographs, so you can create a cake to suit anyone.  

They are delivered free of charge in the UK and cost £14.99.

What a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations or even I Love You!

Find out more at


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