Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fresh Gourmet Salad Recipe - Halloumi and Egg Salad


This is my recipe for a delicious summer salad that is high in protein, flavoursome and rich in iron.  It is a modern twist on the boiled egg, grated cheese and lettuce served with Salad Cream that we used to eat when I was a child!  

The salty Halloumi is a perfect accompaniment to the salad, while the juicy, sweetness of the sweetcorn and the crispiness of the onion adds an exciting combination of both taste and texture.

Serves 4

Rocket, baby spinach and chard salad leaves
225g block Halloumi
small tin of salad crisp sweetcorn
4 eggs boiled
Fresh Gourmet Crispy Onions

Olive oil flavoured with herbs
Balsamic vinegar
Ground black pepper


Slice Halloumi and fry in a dry pan until the liquid has evaporated and the cheese is browned.
Cut hard boiled eggs into quarters.
Make dressing by mixing one part oil to one part vinegar.  Season with pepper to taste.
Dress the salad, sprinkle over sweetcorn and arrange the cheese and egg on top.
Sprinkle over the crispy onions.

Fresh Gourmet add some extra bite to salad dishes with their crunchy croutons and toppings.  The American brand has launched in the UK with four delicious varieties that transform meals quickly and easily.  A sprinkling of Fresh Gourmet's robustly flavoured and crunchy toppings adds taste and texture to soups, salads, sandwiches or other meals.

Cheese and Garlic, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper and Ciabatta Basil pesto Croutons are made with artisan bread and baked, not fried, for a lighter touch.  The Crispy Onions are lightly salted.  

The range is so tasty I've been nibbling them on their own as a quick snack!  They make an excellent addition to so many meals.  You can sprinkle them onto anything you fancy: soup, mash potato, chilli, pasta bakes etc.  They let you get a bit more experimental in the kitchen!

The 80g resealable bags are priced between £1.79 and £1.99 in Tesco stores.


I was sent some to create a salad recipe in the Fresh Gourmet recipe challenge.


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