Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Ugglys - Your Gross Best Friend

In an ugly town, there's an ugly pound that's home to the ugliest pets around!

The Ugglys are electronic, interactive ugly-pup-pets that come alive in your hands!  We were sent one to try out. It may not be the cutest looking toy with his bloodshot eyes and slimy, drool covered face, but it is unique, fun and totally hilarious to children with a penchant for toilet humour.  The head is made from pliable rubber and it has detailed features.


Your Uggly comes alive as you put your hand inside him (like a hand puppet)! This activates his sounds and animates his face. You can then gross out your friends and family as your Uggly performs his best tricks!

Open his mouth wide and he will let rip with a burp, Squeeze his mouth shut and he’ll let out a thunderous fart! Or, just squeeze your Ugglys head to make some wacky faces!  Change the pitch by turning a stud on his collar or press the fly to hear it buzz. Leave him unplayed with and he will start snoring. (Thankfully there is an easily accessible, external off switch!) It is a real gross-out toy which the majority of kids will enjoy playing with.


There are 30 gross sounds that emit from this ugly pug which will make him your grossest best friend!  You even get to Ugg-dopt him by filling in the Ugg-doption Certificate which is a nice touch.

The fact that it is essentially a hand puppet will increase the play value of this toy, making it more than just a novelty item. This brings scope for some interactive role play and imaginative games, that just happen to include gross noises!

Character Options' Ugglys are aimed at boys aged 5 and up (although my girls enjoyed playing with him too, as they still find funny noises very funny!) and require 3 AAA batteries (demo batteries only included).

Find The Ugglys on Amazon and at other good retailers RRP £29.99.


There is a national competition  to enter funny pictures of your dog into 3 different categories:
1 Damned Uggly
2 Outrageously Hilarious
3 Pukey Cutie
20 winners from each category will win an Uggly Electronic Pup-pet, and one grand prize winner from each category will win a trophy and a certificate, an Uggly Electronic Pup-pet, 5,000 swapits and an iPad Mini!


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